Do you have cardboard adhesive?

Yes, we have water-based and hot melt adhesive.

Do you have laminating adhesive?

Yes, we have water-based adhesive for lamination, in a 19 kg bucket, 200 kg drum and 1000 kg container, and we have Hot Melt adhesives for lamination in 19 kg boxes, 20 kg bags and 10 kg stick boxes.

Do you have box closing adhesive?

Yes, hot melt in 19 kg boxes, 20 kg bag and 10 kg stick box

Do you have Styrofoam peanuts for filling?

We have solutions for your products packed in boxes, we sell supplies for industrial packaging and packaging, we also manufacture Hot Melt industrial adhesives with EVA and metallocene-based polymers, as well as cold water-based adhesives (white resistol type).

Do you sell a stick adhesive gun?

Yes, we sell one with a temperature regulator, we also sell packaging application equipment, staple guns, nailers

Do you have a staple closed box?

Yes, we have for laterals or covers, as well as other packaging application equipment, adhesive guns and nailers.

Do you sell cloves?

Yes, we have rolled nails from 1 ½" to 3" for the manufacture of pallets and tomato nails. Some measures apply on request.

Do you sell stretch film?

Yes, we handle polyestrech in different sizes and calibers, we also sell banding.

Do you sell staplers?
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Do you have home delivery?

Yes, our logistics is at FCA prices, depending on the volume of purchase, it is sent to your home with our units or by parcel, in some cases delivery only applies to our facilities.

What is their attention span?

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Do you have branches?

Yes, we have branches in Martínez de la Torre, Isla Veracruz, San Luis Potosí, Guadalajara, Cd. Guzmán, Sinaloa. The headquarters is located in Puebla Puebla.

Do you accept payment by card or check?

No, only transfer or cash.

Do you handle credit?

Yes, the first three purchases are cash, during which time the relevant documentation is sent to them so that they can fill out certain forms and credit can be authorized.

What is the minimum purchase for laminating adhesive?

It depends on the delivery area and the volume you consume monthly.

What is the minimum purchase for Hot Melt adhesive?

It depends on the delivery area and the volume you consume monthly.

Do you have tool maintenance service?

As long as the consumables are purchased with our company, we provide maintenance and repair service at an additional cost.